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Swedish entrepreneurs launches a revolutionary product

Swedish entrepreneurs launches a revolutionary product
By: UK BBC news Posted On: June 19, 2020 View: 15225

Swedish entrepreneurs launches a revolutionary product

Sweden is a country well known for quality digital products and services and this duo of partners takes the online gambling industry to a whole new level.

Stefan Jansson (to the right) and Tobias Fridell (left) just revealed pieces of the new upcomming product and it doenst exist in any other form on the market as of today.
According to Stefan Jansson they are just waiting for the patent to go through in a couple of juristrictions before they will release the system for live purpose but
says that its a pretty easy tools that fetch, compares and calculate the outcome to win on online casino and betting websites based on parameters such as general winning occurrence, license holder, gambling license complaints and game providers, just to mention a few.

Tobias Fridell also wanted to mention that this is nothing that exist on the market today so its hard to explain in details but rest asure, once we go live you will know
what this is if you saw this article.

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